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Flow Science has extensive experience in the simulation of complex hydrodynamic flows, including heated water discharges, clearwell and tank design, and reservoir hydrodynamic modeling.

Water quality improvements may be obtained by the proper design and placement of inlets and outlets, and the installation of baffles and flow control structures at strategic locations within a tank or basin. Historically, the design of such elements relied on experience and intuition. Now, however, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allows these design decisions to be based on precise, scientific calculations.

Method of Analysis

Flow within distribution reservoirs is modeled using Flow Science's Computational Fluid Dynamics program, FLOWMOD,  which has been validated in various applications and specifically in distribution system reservoirs.  A steady-state solution for the flow field in the reservoir is obtained,  which is then used to predict the fate of a non-buoyant, conservative (non-decaying) tracer injected into the inflow to enable retention time parameters to be computed.  In the past three years, Flow Science has analyzed the flow in numerous distribution storage reservoirs, clearwells, and basins throughout the United States for the purpose of designing baffles or maximizing water quality.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Projects


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